“observed” us…

It was great to see a small but highlighted “observation” by this morning in the Life section. You can read the mention below.

“Toronto faves and our very own wiki

Apr 30, 2007 04:30 AM

Joyous self-absorption. A dead giveaway that a city has come of age.

Two baby websites show Toronto is ready to spend time poring over its own stuff rather than nymag and Parisist postings web tasarım.

One-week-old tomorrow, lets Torontophiles list, rate and cross-index their favourite people, places and things in the city. (Full disclosure: the startup was incubated in Torstar Digital). If the new online community thinks someone has the best urban wisdom, the community can make that person a star

BlogTO spilled the news about Torontopedia, the city’s own wiki, just a few days ago, giving everyone a place to add to and edit things about the city. And within minutes there was carping about its usefulness.

How Torontonian.


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