Businesses are about to be…. FAVED!

We have printed some really awesome stickers for businesses that have been faved on our site. We are super excited about sharing Ourfaves place pages of faves with businesses. Most businesses will likely not know that our site exists yet and that they have users who absolutely love particular things about their establishment. What a great good news story to share. We are just finishing up printing the stickers and we will be in market by the next week visiting the top 50 places faved on our site with some good news about how much the people of Toronto love their business.

I am really excited to hear what these business owners have to say and to see “static clings” (aka stickers that don’t permanently stick) be placed in some of my fave store windows around town. This program really embodies what ourfaves is all about – community, supporting local businesses, being in the know about the best and highlighting the real specialities that people may not know about a place. I am hoping these stickers get people talking and engaging with the businesses about what is favorite at their establishment.

Can’t wait to start spreading the word and look forward to sharing some of our encounters with faved local businesses with you!Shout it from the rooftops!


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