We are counting down the days till…

…our new hire, Tim Leung joins us! I am so excited to announce that we have hired one of the best
young developers and product people I know. Tim is no stranger to Ourfaves, having worked as a summer student on the project in its earliest days of conception. Tim couldn’t stay away even while at school and worked on a part time basis helping us. We haven’t had Tim work on Ourfaves for over a year and so we are super excited to have him join us full time. This means great things for the Ourfaves
platform. Tim is resting up and vacationing this week as he knows there is some hard work and hard play ahead. 3 days and counting till he arrives!


2 responses to “We are counting down the days till…

  1. Culinary Student

    Oh Tim…you are super lucky to have someone like him on board. But i still miss Eric…he was the best…man oh man…what a great guy eric was. I wish he could help in a ourfaves for ottawa.

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