We’re 1! Happy Birthday OurFaves!

It seems like only yesterday we announced the birth of a tiny beta, launched into the web 2.0 world by its committed young creators – all of whom really had no idea what to expect next.

In a year’s time we’ve gone from a fledgling community to a site with over 2300 registered users, nearly 10,000 fave entries, and 170,000 unique visitors this month alone. We’d really like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the enthusiastic contributors and OurFaves community members, the many awesome people who have helped to build, grow and support the site, and to all of Toronto for just being so damn amazing and fave-worthy.

The OurFaves crew hit the town a couple times this week in celebration of a great year, and a great city.

Have a look at some photos from our adventures at the SummerCamp Dance Party at CiRC A, a super event that brought together Toronto’s art, design, communications, technology, media, social change and entrepreneurship communities. And peek in at our night at the “I GET T.O.” party at the Gladstone – a night celebrating Jane Jacobs’ legacy and spring in the city, co-sponsored by Green Enterprise Toronto and PEN Canada.

And get set for more fun in the city – we’ll soon be announcing plans for our birthday party! Stay tuned.


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