All west side and nowhere to fave?

If you’ve heard whisperings (or read bloggings!) about our Vancouver beta site, your ear to the ground is hearing right! We’re on the move, and heading west.

If you live in the Vancouver area, used to live in the Vancouver area, or just love the Vancouver area (or know folks who do), here’s how you can help lay the foundation for Van’s own second-to-none collaborative city guide and source of all things worth telling about:

1. Share your whole collection of local favourites! For 50+ faves, not only will you be an original faverati, but you’ll earn an honorarium (for hitting those fave places!), bragging rights, and endless gratitude! Interested? Get in touch with me –, and we’ll get you started!

2. Share your top five! Have but a handful of local gems to share? Go ahead and tease us! There’s nothing wrong with the slow build to a complete collection of fabulous faves. Ready to go? is your fixer.

3. Invite your friends! We figure they must be at least as city-savvy as you, and that’s good. If they want in, we’d love to meet them. For a password to peruse and fave, all it takes is an email to

4. Be a Featured Faver! Have a penchant for public art, or a line on the best eggs benny in each city region? Do you have some special expertise that would inform a great collection of topical faves? Then you belong on our home page! To apply, you know who to get in touch with.

5. Recommend a Featured Faver! Have a friend that fits the above description? Or know of a Van community member in the public eye, or particularly knowledgeable, who’s faves you’re dying to know? Let us know! We’ll do our best to make it happen. Or if you have a mighty influence, get them to contact us. You know where.

6. Be our Inaugural Community Leader! We are looking for one connected and passionate Community Leader to help grow the OurFaves Vancouver community over the coming months, and build enthusiasm for sharing the best of local online. Sound like you? Find out more here:

7. Tell Us What You Think! We love to listen and want to know how we can we make Ourfaves Vancouver your fave! Share your feedback at or email Robin at

Have other ideas? We’d love to hear those too. So, get in touch!

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