Great Wall of Faves!

Forget ordinary party chit chat – we let the walls do all the talking at the ourfaves birthday party last week! Our party-goers had a great time searching for the location of their fave local hotspots on our life-size map, indicating the location with a numbered orange sticker, and jotting down their picks for everyone to see. By the party’s end, the map was transformed into a fab ode to community greatness! Here are some faves from the evening:

Robin’s fave place to lay in the grass is at Trinity Bellwoods Park

Adrienne’s fave grocery store is at Pusateri’s

Adrienne’s fave restaurant is the Rushton

Barn’s fave eatery is at Pantry at College and Rusholme

Greg’s fave cheese shop is at La Fromagerie

Psquare7’s fave food place is Rosewater Supper Club

Psquare7’s fave thai is at Mengrai Thai

Angelichigo’s fave Korean restaurant is at Owl’s

Lu’s fave Mexican is at Mariachi’s at Yonge and Eglinton

Lu’s fave pub is at the Bow n’ Arrow at Yonge and Davisville

Kiki’s fave gyros are at Messini on the Danforth

Eric’s fave new restaurant is at Perigee

Anita and Theresa’s fave Peruvian restaurant is at Boulevard Café

Lyndsey’s fave bike and skate shop is Hogtown

Mo’s fave karaoke night is kickass karaoke at the Rivoli on Sundays

Mo’s favourite climbing gym is at the Rock Oasis

Kat’s favourite French baker is Rahier

Anita’s fave spot to listen to soothing sounds of industrial doom is under the Gardiner

Lara’s fave ice cream is at Ed’s Real Scoop

Lianne’s fave restaurant is Fressen

Courtenay’s fave place for a double Americano is Mercury’s

Courtenay’s fave place for breakfast is Hair of the Dog

Courtenay’s fave movie store is at Mr. Movie on Mutual St.

Rub’s fave world’s best law school is U of T

Shannon’s fave waffles are at Le Petit Dejeuner

Chris’s fave diaper store is at Diaperezze

Chris’s fave pool hall is at Academy of Spherical Arts (when they’re open)

Lyndsey’s fave sandwich is at Sandwich Box

Kat’s fave Sunday afternoon outing and Saturday picnic spot are at Edward’s Garden and Sunnybrook Park

Margaret’s fave Japanese restaurant is Gal’s Sushi

Colleen’s fave good eats is at The Brownstone Bistro and Bar

Kat’s fave sidewalk sale is at Bayview Village

Gillian’s fave dining spot is Hidden Lounge

Donald’s fave Toronto landmark is at CN Tower

Donald’s fave Koren BBQ is at Nul Bom

Ari’s fave neighbourhood is Leslieville

Matyg fave hamburger is at Goldenstar

Mark’s fave organic market is Dufferin Grove Park

Mark Stanfield’s fave most honest mechanic is L&C Auto

Michael’s fave restaurant is Spuntini

Michael’s fave grocery store is at Fresh & Wild

Michael’s fave bakery is at She Takes the Cake

Mark Stanfield’s fave downtown zoo is at High Park

Joshua’s fave burger is at The Burger Shack

Philc’s fave mechanic is at Graf Auto Centre

Candice’s fave gelato is at Dolce

Savvymom’s fave park is Sherwood

Savvymom’s fave bakery is at Yummy Stuff Bakery

Savvymom’s fave city beach is at Ward’s Island

Lisa’s fave place to people-watch is at Second Cup on Front Street

Lisa Faktor’s fave manicure is at The 10 Spot

Ray’s favourite skating rink is at Mel Lastman Square

Nicole Kagan’s fave Toronto funky jewelry store is Made You Look

Nicole Kagan’s fave Middle Eastern food is at Tabule (very tasty lentil soup)

Mark’s fave pulled beef sandwich is at Mitzi’s

Mark’s fave water fountain is at McGregor Park

Mark’s fave breakfast spot is at B

JonasChernick’s fave cupcakes are at the Cupcakery (yum! delicious!)

Tomer’s fave summer party spot is at Ward’s Island

Adam’s fave echo is behind 502 King Street West

Adam’s fave bat-watching vantage point is Trinity Bellwoods Park

Wendy’s fave burrito is at Utopia Café & Grill

Wendy’s fave manicure is at Francesca’s salon and spa

Dave’s fave place to ice skate is at Nathan Phillips Square

John’s fave place to watch the day begin is at Union Station because the hustle and bustle of people is crazy!

John’s fave scenery is at Scarborough Bluffs

John’s fave place to relax is at Rosetta McClain Gardens because the place is breathtaking!


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