The New Search is Here!

Well, this will be one of the first of a series of post from us, Donald and Tim, who make up the OurFaves Technology Team.

While we’ve both been working on OurFaves from the outset, we’ve decided just recently to start posting new features and our thought process around them.

As you may have noticed, our search engine went through a complete overhaul, which we hope will improve the results we can deliver to you.

The new search page no longer looks like our old page, which separated the search into three parts: Things, Places, Reasons. The new design has trimmed down the pages into one page, which we believe shows as much information on one page as the previous three but organized by place.

So, in the past, let’s say we were looking for a really good pizza joint. You’d end up finding three sections…

Things you used to see when you would search for "pizza"

...things you used to see searching for "pizza"...

...places that offer pizza...

...places that offer pizza...

...and reasons for why we'd love to have a slice.

...and reasons for why we'd love to have a slice.

Now, our new search layout combines all these fields…

The power of three

...into a list of places, with things at the place and a reason.

Now we can see how many things each place offers.

Now we can see how many things each place offers.

We’ll be making some exciting changes to OurFaves in the coming months, so stay tuned as the changes hit.

If you haven’t used searches on our site heavily, please check it out and give us feedback! It’s sitting at the top right of our navigation page, check it out.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the blog for your comments to tell us what you think, and we’ll take your suggestions into account.

So really, what do you think?


3 responses to “The New Search is Here!

  1. I think the changes are great – one thing I miss though is that user names no longer show up on the search. Is it possible to bring that feature back?


  2. It is possible to bring back our user search and we do intend to do so.

    We’re currently evaluating search across OurFaves as a whole and this was temporarily left behind while changes are taking place.

    We’ll let you know as soon as it (or an equivalent alternative) becomes available.

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