The best dinner is a free dinner

dinewithyourfriendsClose your eyes and imagine a feast sprawled out before you at your favourite restaurant.  Tantalizing aromas swirl around your head as you wonder which plate to attack first.  Before you know it, you’re savouring the last delicious morsel of the best meal you’ve ever had.  Your server arrives with your bill and your lips slowly form an ear-to-ear smile.  Why? Because you won this sumptuous meal by simply writing a review of your favourite restaurant on

Want this beautiful daydream to become a reality? Follow these simple steps and prepare yourself for a feast! (Full contest details can be found here)


1.  Sign in to using your Facebook username and password.
2.  Click on “add your fave restaurant” at the top of the page and write a review with the title “My Fave T.O. Resto” so we can track your entry.  (Reviews must be at least 2 lines long)
3.  Ourfaves will publish your entry on its Facebook fan page.  All you have to do is get your friends to cast a ‘Like’ vote for your review!


The published review with the most ‘Like’ votes will win$250 towards a meal at their reviewed restaurant.  It’s that easy.  So get cracking, get creative and get your community voting for you!


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