24 restaurants open 24 hours in Toronto (and the GTA)

Got the late night munchies? Luckily, in a bustling city like Toronto, your late hour food options are more far-ranging than a quarter pounder from McDonald’s. Herewith is OurFaves’ list of 24 eateries open 24 hours. Bon appetit!

1. The city’s newest 24 hour food joint is located at Bathurst and Wellington. The Counter at The Thompson Hotel is styled like an old school diner but the lux banquets are anything but kitschy.

2. The Grille on the Queensway in Etobicoke ensures that ribs and steak are available at any hour of the day.

3. If a all-day breakfast is more up your alley, head down the Queensway to Sizzling Jak’s.

4. Who hasn’t been up way too late and ended up at Fran’s?

5. The States may have the Kardashians and IHOP, but we have Rachel McAdams and the Golden Griddle.

6. If soup is what you’re craving, the Owl of Minerva makes a mean spicy Korean broth.

7. For sandwich fiends, there’s always the Commisso Bros. & Racco Italian Bakery. There are grumblings around the city that this Junction joint knows how to pull together a panzerotti and veal sandwich.

8. Is your stomach grumbling for some smooth pho? Meander down Dundas Street and see if Pho Pasteur doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for.

9. If that doesn’t suffice, try XE Lua.

10. Want to watch the sun go up with a steak or burger in your hand? Try T-Bones Sizzling Steaks.

11. Itching for some Indian Cuisine? For $10, get your fill at King Palace Pakastani on Church Street.

12. The Ossington at The Lakeview consists of three eggs any style, house sausages, strip and peameal bacon. The best part? Get it all day long.

13. Get transported back to 1950s NYC at Vesta Lunch on Dupont. This greasy spoon is the perfect go-to place after a night of carousing.

14. Too lazy to walk or drive for your eats? At Perfect Chinese Restaurant (yes, that’s its real name), you can order your shrimp fried rice online.

15. Whether you’re antsy for a 4 a.m. espresso or a pulled pork sandwich, 7 West Cafe‘s got what you need.

16. Markham Station isn’t a stop on the GO line, it’s actually a family restaurant.

17. Pilots and stewardesses have been known to frequent Zet’s Restaurant off Airport Road in Mississauga.

18. For Kensington Market crawlers, Mars Food caters to the hungry masses 24 hours a day on the weekends.

19. Don’t laugh, but Perkins at the Holiday Inn by the airport is open for late night noshing.

20. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Wander the aisles at Sobey’s and whip up a homemade dish.

21. In Liberty Village, Metro’s doors are always open.

22. Sometimes nothing less than a donut and coffee will do. For those times, Tim Hortons it is.

23. Tim Hortons-averse? There’ll be coffee for you yet. You’ll just have to go down to the Queen’s Quay Second Cup.

24. And at other times, there really is nothing more enticing than a quarter pounder from McDonald’s. C’est la vie.


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