The best (and worst) of the One of a Kind Show

When I think about One of a Kind Shows, a few things come to mind. I picture couch afghans, tea cozies, crochet toilet paper covers and itchy sweaters in orange, brown and light brown colour patterns. I think of church basements and grandmas and lukewarm coffee and fluorescent lighting. Suffice to say, last weekend, when I made my way to the One of a Kind Show at the Direct Energy Centre, I was not expecting to find so many things that I actually, gulp … wanted.

If you’ve already been to the show, the following will be a refresher course on how homegrown Canadian crafts can be hip and modern.

You won’t need to slaughter a moose to hang one proudly on your wall. These pint-sized felt animal heads will not horrify your vegan friends.

Go Canada! These mitts are so delicious, you’ll gobble them up before you make it to the next aisle.

Moms are the target market for these snowman family fridge magnets. You’re meant to personalize them with your name because all snowmen tend to look alike. You, on the other hand, probably don’t look like your brother.

Because what’s Christmas without a little shortbread?

If I was a miniature doll and lived in a tiny house filled with tiny things. I’d shop here.

Remember what I said earlier about lumpy sweaters? You can find them here too if that’s what floats your boat.

And for the pebble collectors out there … you’re apparently not alone. This booth featured “Pebble Art of Nova Scotia”.

Who wants body wash when you can have soap that looks and smells like a slice of cake?

Clothing for dapper, precocious children.

You won’t find Thomas the Tank Engine briefs here.

Necklaces made from cool, trinkety knick knacks.

Montreal artist, Hugo Didier, won the One of a Kind Show’s “Best in Show” award for his blatantly Not Made in China (!!!) ceramic ware.

And finally … what’s a one of a kind show without the requisite salt and pepper grinders?


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