The best of 2010 according to …

If you could re-live any meal you had this year, which one would it be? Where did you go? What did you order?

I would go back to Jacob’s Steakhouse where my girlfriend and I went for our two year anniversary. We have a great time treating ourselves to the award winning Huff’s Estate 2006 Sparkling Wine. For appetizers we both got the freshly made table side Caesar salad. My girlfriend got the 8oz Prime Black Angus Striploin with Lobster Tail. I got the 9oz Wagyu flatiron with duck fried fries.  Both steaks were cooked medium rare and tasted great.

If $5,000 magically appeared in your bank account and you only had 24 hours to blow it all, how would you spend it? Where would you go? What would you eat/buy?

If I could find a loophole, I would try and save the money for more food adventures in the future. But if I must, I would take the money and treat my family and friends to a variety of shopping and food escapades. Sukho Thai for lunch, head over to Eaton Centre for those shopping needs and end off with a bang at a fine dining restaurant… this will be a group decision.

What’s the one thing you bought this year that you’ve gotten the most mileage from? Where did you buy it?

I’m very much a business-oriented individual, so I would have to say my BlackBerry (moved from Curve to the Torch).  For me personally, I’m really after functionality.  I need to email and text quickly and the BlackBerry works for me.

If neither calories nor dollar bills mattered, where would you go for your last meal of 2010 and what would you order?

I would hope my last meal can be shared with someone special? I would love to bring my girlfriend to Oliver & Bonacini’s Canoe to end the year. Canoe has great seasonal menu and an extensive wine list. I would probably go for a sparkling wine that’s a little more simple like a Nino Franco Primo Franco.  Though a part of me wants to go big with a Dom Perignon Rosé 2000… but anything from that list would be amazing. I would love to go with a salmon appetizer, probably a meat like caribou or lamb for the entrée and let the lady choose something for dessert. That’s her specialty.

Out of all the places you’ve reviewed this year, which one do you wish could set up shop next door to your place?

Chuck & Co. as it’s a little too far west to be convenient for frequent trips.  I believe it’s up there as one of the best burger and onion rings, I repeat… onion rings in TOWN!

Top 5 places to eat in 2010:

1. What I call, “Comfort food/pho” – Xe Lua Restaurant (Train)
2. Great Thai food – Sukho Thai
3. Hong Kong type Chinese – Congee Wong
4. Your Burger Fix – Chuck & Co.
5. Fine Dining Choice – Jacob’s Steakhouse

Top 5 places to shop in 2010:
1. Vaughan Mills
2. Eaton Centre
3. Shopping in the States
4. Banana Republic
5. MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op)


One response to “The best of 2010 according to …

  1. Nice list! And I second Sukho Thai, great choice.

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