Favourite things at The Wedding Show

Catherine Lash, the founder and creative director of The Wedding Co., likes chocolate, DIY and the Gardiner Museum. Her tastes have evolved over the ten years she’s been heading up the annual Wedding Show at the Carlu in Toronto. Herewith are a few of her favourite wedding things …

Favourite new discovery

LOL Candy. It’s a new gourmet candy supplier who helps brides build candy booths and will supply the goods to the sweets table people and cake decorators.

Favourite Royal Wedding tie-in

With Kate and William tying the knot later this year, Lash says the demand for quality milliners is only escalating. Lilliput Hats and KC’s Hats showcased their creations at The Wedding Show.

Favourite investment for groom

A custom-made suit. Lash is a proponent of grooms getting fitted for their very own suit, particularly at Gotstyle, a King West men’s shop. Guys will always have a need for a sharp, nicely cut suit long after the wedding.

Favourite piece of advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding

Stay on budget,” Lash stressed. “I know it’s not glamorous, but the worst thing for me is to think of someone who goes into a wedding in debt. You have to remember that you’re planning a wedding because you’re getting married. You’re not getting married to have a wedding and people really get that confused.”

Favourite wedding trend of 2011

The juxtaposition of vintage tradition with contemporary elements. At the show, Lash pointed to wedding invitations that are put a twist on tradition. “There’s one exhibitor that has calligraphy but it’s all done on angles and it’s letterpress,” she said.

Favourite 2010 trend

The DIY bride. “It’s a great idea,” Lash said simply.

All-time favourite wedding venue

“I love the Gardiner Museum,” Lash said. “I love how you’re in this contemporary building and you look out and there’s the ROM all lit up. And they’ve got that beautiful deck. So it’s very urban and then you’ve got this old mother of a masterpiece ROM because you look out to the old portion of it.”

Favourite wedding cake flavour

Lash goes gaga for all things chocolate.

Favourite thing about her wedding more than 12 years ago

The family and friends who gathered for the occasion. “All our family and friends who we wanted were there,” Lash said. “And when I ask brides and grooms what’s that best thing about their wedding, 99% of them say family and friends. It’s not the flowers. It’s not the colour. It’s not the this, it’s not the that. It’s that they’re surrounded by their family and friends.”

Interview by Maria Cootauco


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