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Q&A: Biko’s Corrine Anestopoulos

It’s a sunny day in Corrine Anestopoulos’ studio in Little Italy. There’s Chet Baker playing in the background and a lawn mower humming outside the window. Anestopoulos is the creative force behind Biko, the Toronto-based jewellery company, that has been churning out “modern nostalgic” costume jewellery since 2004. Recently, Anestopoulos invited OurFaves into her work space to talk about about where she finds inspiration for her designs, her new spring and fall collection and the creative rut she occasionally has to shake off. Continue reading


BIXI bike share program launches in Toronto

It wasn’t quite bike weather on Tuesday morning in Toronto as rain fell, puddles formed and the clouds obscured the sun. You wouldn’t know it, but a new biking revolution was brewing on Yonge and Gould Streets. BIXI has rolled into town and today marked the launch of its bike sharing program. With 300 shiny new black bikes lined up neatly in their docking stations, it’s going to get a lot easier for Torontonians to hop on a bike and take a tour of their city. Continue reading

OurFaves featured in TechCrunch today!

We are delighted!  And here’s what they had to say…

“Toronto based seeks to combine city search, social networking, and user-generated content in a one stop destination for a particular city.

City search and profile sites aren’t new. Where OurFaves differs is a focus on user-generated content…”

Read the rest at:

A little more love in the blogosphere this morning!

We are listed as one of the “8 things worth remembering a new password for” on the Verve’s blog One Five Place. Thanks Verve… We love the Verve’s faves on our site so keep them coming!

The Verve’s cartoon


Also, Sarah Hood from Unknown Toronto gave us a nice mention in her blog this morning too! article in Media in Canada today

Torstar Digital launches social media venue

Torstar Digital and Toronto-based imason are officially launching this week. It’s a social media site that lets Torontonians list and rate their favourite people, places and things in the city.

Read the rest at: “observed” us…

It was great to see a small but highlighted “observation” by this morning in the Life section. You can read the mention below.

“Toronto faves and our very own wiki

Apr 30, 2007 04:30 AM

Joyous self-absorption. A dead giveaway that a city has come of age.

Two baby websites show Toronto is ready to spend time poring over its own stuff rather than nymag and Parisist postings web tasarım.

One-week-old tomorrow, lets Torontophiles list, rate and cross-index their favourite people, places and things in the city. (Full disclosure: the startup was incubated in Torstar Digital). If the new online community thinks someone has the best urban wisdom, the community can make that person a star

BlogTO spilled the news about Torontopedia, the city’s own wiki, just a few days ago, giving everyone a place to add to and edit things about the city. And within minutes there was carping about its usefulness.

How Torontonian.

OurFaves is featured in the Kelsey Blog

I had the pleasure of going for lunch last week with Sonia Carreno, blogger for the Kelsey Group and a freelance consultant in the local search space. We had a wonderful conversation about where the space is going and how OurFaves fits into the local search landscape. As a result of our conversation, Sonia wrote a great post about OurFaves today on the Kelsey blog entitled Toronto Hits the Local Search – Social Network Scene”. Sonia was one of our closed beta members.