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President’s Choice Home – Fall Preview

A kitchen scene at the President's Choice Home preview

You’re probably guilty of it. Walking into your local Superstore or Loblaws supermarket with a shopping list for the night’s dinner and walking out with pajama pants and candle holders beside your red bell peppers. Impulse shopping at the Canadian chain is going to get more exciting (or more complicated, depending on who you ask) this fall. With the introduction of a new electronics brand, J+/-, and the launch of new home products, eggs and milk may be beside the point the next time you hit the grocery store. Continue reading


A Leon’s Landmark?

With the insane amount of downtown condos that have sprung up like wildflowers, Canadian furniture big box Leon’s has decided to take advantage by opening a store in a rather unusual place. Instead of going with the familiar sprawling suburban warehouse , they went retro by incorporating a store within the historic Roundhouse train station. Let’s just say this ain’t your typical Leon’s.

Leon's Roundhouse also has a selection of retro-style artwork

Leon's Roundhouse has a selection of retro-style artwork

The design of the brand new 40,000 square foot store fits in well with the old building, a credit to the designers- architecture firms IBI Group and Turner Fleischer as well as interior design consultants Danielle Josette Design. The main lights are arranged in rows that line up with the railways outside, and every single appliance and fixture is clamped to the walls, not screwed or bolted which eliminates any damage to the building’s wooden structures. And with its location opposite the CN Tower, this Leon’s was built to cater to condo residents living near the downtown core and therefore the furniture is smaller and designed for apartment-style living. You’ll also find designs and fabrics of higher quality than you would see at a suburban Leon’s.  And these are some of the reasons why this Leon’s makes our short list of fave superstores. Leon’s decision to retain much of the building’s original architecture was a sound one, and the Roundhouse’s characteristic wooden framing is a sight in itself and the restored wood and natural lighting makes the furniture look even better. And while some may complain that the space would have been better suited for a farmer’s market or a railway museum, a few have now been won over after visiting the store.

40,000 sq feet of Leon's lovin'

40,000 sq feet of Leon's lovin'

But let your trip to the Roundhouse only be a starting point for an adventure in downtown home decorating. For budget-friendly accent pieces and furnishings you can take a stroll through West Elm, where you can get a dresser or a dining room table for $300 to $500. If you are looking some more unique items for your living room, try Umbra Concept Store for affordable artwork and modern vases. Leon’s also has slim pickings in the outdoor furniture department, so a trip to Andrew Richard Designs might get you more bang for your buck. And ladies, add some French flair to your Leon’s lineup with some eclectic pieces from Chatelet on Queen West, just west of the Roundhouse. Once you’ve set yourself up with a few pieces, complete your look with a trip to decor centre Putti, which brings in regular antique and reproductions from New York and Europe. Or, if you got cash to burn and are looking for something unique, say, a 1960s Lucite bar cart, then L’Atelier is the one-stop shop for you.

And if you’d like to take an entire step out of the superstore mentality, see Trendsetters Expert and W Network interior designer Desta Ostapyk’s fave downtown decorating spots. Hint:  Her new Junction fave is the perfect place to spruce up your condo with vintage goodies web tasarım.

What’s your fave downtown furniture store? Could it be the new Leon’s?